What is a Youth Hostel ?   
A Youth Hostel is a building which offers inexpensive travel and budget accommodation to young people exploring their country or the world, it also provides a meeting place in which young people of different social back ground, opinion and nationality can meet and come to know each other.
Its function is educational in the widest sense of the world. Youth Hostels provide friendly, inexpensive overnight budget accommodations to budget travellers. Hostelling International the parent body of all National Youth Hostels Associations assure travellers the utmost in quality standards including cleanliness, security, comfort and service.
Youth Hostels and Camping sites offer dormitory-style rooms with separate quarters for men and women. Some youth hostels & Camping sites also have private family and couples rooms. All youth hostels provide a blanket and pillow. Linens are often included in the price, or available for rental in some youth hostels & safari camps .
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Most hostels & camp sites offer fully equipped self- catering kitchens or cafeterias, dining areas, secure storage and common rooms for relaxing and socializing with other travellers. Some youth hostels & safari camps have laundry facilities, travel libraries and concierge service. There are a few that even have  swimming pools, Youth Hostels Our mission is "to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling." The mission is accomplished through our extensive network of youth hostels, Camps, Safari tented camps offering budget accommodations and a wide-range of cheap travel adventure tour programs and activities.
A founder of the Youth Hostels Network  Richard Shirmann said: "Every forest, every valley, every flower, every mountain, every village and every city are separate pages of your Motherland.” You should read these pages in your own experience and not in books.
The Earth is huge. When you travel, you see the details, and this is the biggest joy on the planet. For this purpose we are now opening Youth Hostels and Safari Camping sites to cater for the demand for cheap accommodations and adventure travel.
However, you also need to travel outside your country, to meet your neighbours, to know them better and to appreciate those who speak other language and have different history. To do this, I am now calling upon you, our friends and neighbours, to open Youth Hostels & Camping sites and to do it for all young people on the Earth. They must become places of peace and comfort for the good of all humanity.
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Trade mark "Youth Tourism & Youth Hostels in Kenya" create own youth hostels or a camp sites to connect with the chain of hostels and in-cooperate them with youth hostels in Kenya like tour operator, marketing adviser and activities coordinator. We offer to our hostel clients with Adventure activities and  safari tours , volunteer travel programs which are based on budget accommodation in youth hostels or safari tented camping sites in Kenya.

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Whatever your travel interests are, you will find plenty of adventure activities to do in Kenya. click on this link  www.africahomeadventure.com   This link will show you some of the many adventure travel suggestions with a wide choice of Things to see and do in Kenya.This information will also help you plan a fantastic holiday in Kenya "Karibu --- Welcome”. Since 1909, when hostelling was born out of the excursions of German School teacher the late  Richard Shirrmann and his pupils, it has become one of the world's biggest international membership organizations for youth, with over 3 million members and a mission that has never been more relevant.

Why Hostelling

For over 100 years, youth hostels have been providing budget travellers  with more than just affordable lodgings to adventure activities,volunteering programs and a better network of cheap accommodations in the world. 
Youth Hostels give welcoming smiles to its visitor travellers unknown place – they host new friends to make old friends to greet – they’re the best way to travel.  And our key youth hostels and Tented safari camping sites offer local programs for foreign and domestic travellers a chance to present an unparalleled introduction to a community.  
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These opportunities provide us and our foreign guests a way to explore our country learn about our culture and traditions.  They celebrate our differences and honor our commonalities. 
Youth Hostels & Tented Camping sites in Kenya are giving back to our great nation.
It is all about enjoying the outdoor life in Kenya. Getting closer to Nature never means roughing it.
We offer a wide range of comfortable, clean, safe and stylish budget accommodations, thereby allowing you to decide exactly how much of luxury you want to add.
Our motto is to ensure that everyone enjoys the comforts of modern life and the beauty of the great outdoors
And today, when the benefits of hostelling are greater than ever, Hostelling International in Kenya  is conducting a major campaign for significant support to Voluntourism  http://www.kvcdp.org/volunTravel.php
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to help youth hostel members plan their cheap safaris , kenya budget safari packages  and to promote Hostelling international
Our greatest source of energy and commitment comes from those who have stayed in our youth hostels and tented camping sites in Kenya thereby knowing the importance of maintaining and strengthening the youth hostels & Safari camping tents in Kenya for more budget travel.  Just as the youth hostels are there for you when you need them, we hope you will be there for the hostels and camping sites when our potential is so exciting.
If you can give your time to live for some overnight stays while you adventure and explore our beautiful country Kenya, we’ll be grateful to have your support. If your abilities are even greater than that, please consider us at an International level by being our good abassodor tell the stories or write articles about us on the good things hostelling in kenya and yha-kenya travel offers to travellers . hostelling and travel in Kenya will grow  secure our future success.  If you have questions about  Hostelling or need assistance with making a reservation on our safaris travel, please contact James M Gichohi  at +254722655321 or email james@yhak.org  
To find out more about local giving and volunteer opportunities, click here
Kenya Youth Hostels Association        Website: http://www.yhak.org
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